Ampicillin 20%
Generic Name
Ampicillin trihydrate
Dosage Form
Therapy Group
100, 500g
Ampicillin trihydrate200mg
Usage and Dosage
it is used with drinking water at calves, sheep , Goats, poultry and bee as follow : For treatment : 200 g /200 liter water or 5g /100 kg body weight . For protective : 100 g /200 liter water or 2.5 g/100kg body weight. (the treatment continues for3-5 days )
Ampicillin is considered one of penicillin derivatives which they are active against gram positive bacteria such as staphylococcus pneumococcus and gram negative bacteria such as gonococcus and meningococcus .it is bacteriostat and bactericide. The product is used to treat infection caused by bacteria as the following cases . 1-to treat gastro-intestinal and respiratory infection at calves and poultry . 2- to treat urinary and biliary passages infection at sheep, goats, calves and poultry.. 3- to treat infection caused by salmonella bacteria at calves 4- to treat sepsis of inculator at bee.
Drug Interactions

do not give it for animal sensitive to penicillin or have renal failure.